My name is Ted.

I used to write at Metsmerizedonline.com and Metsminors.net about the Mets Minor Leagues. I thought I could retire, but I couldn’t. I loved writing about the Minor Leagues, and felt that it would keep me less stressed (Since I go to grad school and counsel substance abusers). However, I wanted to write on my own terms, and be able to write in shorthand, as well as have some personality added. At my previous sites, they like longhand and more serious tones, so I decided not to return among other reasons.

I would like to make it clear that this blog about Mets Minor Leagues:

  • It’s non-competitive. If other blogs wish to collaborate or cite us, they can. We will also make sure to cite, and ensure all credit where it is due.
  • People who write for me can write anywhere they want.
  • People who write for me get creative control (but must have proper grammar and spelling). They get to say their piece, even if we agree or disagree.
  • We treat others with respect.

I named this site as a dedication to a group of friends that have inspired and supported me.

Here is my archive at Metsmerized